Sponsor a Senior Dog

We realize that not everyone can adopt or foster a dog but would like to help out some of our senior dogs. The average cost to shelter/feed these dogs runs about $100 per dog per month.

You can help us with the expenses for our senior dogs by making a contribution. And remember any contributions you make are tax deductible!

Below are different ways you can sponsor a Green Heart Rescue dog (either adoptable or hospice). Of course, any & all contributions are welcome, as no amount is too small to help our furry friends.

Sponsorship Options

Option 1:  Stroll with a Senior Dog Sign up for monthly donations of $15.00 per month.  Stroll with a Senior Dog sponsorship will help us cover prescriptions for our dogs needing daily medications along with special supplements: Donate

Option 2: HUG a Senior Dog Make a one time donation between the amount of $50.00-$100.  Hug a Senior Dog sponsorship will help us cover the costs of vet visits and food.  Average vet visit is $50-75 per exam (not including special procedures): Donate

Option 3: GIFT a Senior Dog Purchase specific items for the dog you are sponsoring ($30+ to have your name our on website) on our Amazon Wish List: Amazon Wishlist

Option 4: Green Heart Wish Donate $25.00-$30.00 per month.  The Green Heart Wish sponsorship will make a great difference towards helping with food and other supplies that are continually needed.   Donate

Option 5: Dasher’s Dream $50-75 per month.  Dasher’s Dream sponsorship will ensure that we always have funds coming in for regular veterinary exams Donate

Option 6:  Green Angel One time donation of $1000.  The Green Angel sponsorship will ease our minds knowing we have support to cover special medical needs, including dentals, emergency trips, euthanasia and cremation.

All sponsorships will be listed under the picture of the dog you are sponsoring.  Contributions can be made in the form of dedication, memory, holidays or birthdays.

If you want your contribution to be made anonymously, you can request not to be listed.

To sponsor a HOSPICE or an ADOPTABLE dog, simply click on the PayPal link below.  If you’d like your sponsorship to be listed on our website, please include a note with your PayPal donation.  Thank you for your generosity!