Available Senior Dogs

Adopting a dog is a serious decision.  All of our dogs receive medical care prior to adoption, including a senior wellness exam, blood work, vaccinations, microchip and any other necessary procedures needed to improve their quality of life.  We also encourage our adopters to take a proactive approach with their new senior dog’s diet and health.  Our adoption process includes the following once an application is APPROVED (if your application is not approved, you will not hear from us):

  • Meet & Greet (with family and all pets)
  • Home Check (includes all areas accessible to dogs)
  • Sign an Adoption Contract
  • Pay Adoption Fee of $75.00/dog

Please note we only adopt our dogs to homes in/around Idaho. We require a home check and so do not adopt out of state. Filling out an adoption application does not guarantee approval for adoption.  


**All Available pets are also available to sponsor while they are in the care of the rescue.

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Available Dogs

Sweet Pea

MEET SWEET PEA: Are you looking for a new pea to add to your pod?! Sweet Pea joined our rescue in November 2019.  She lives for belly rubs and dinner time!

Sweet pea’s personality is true to her name, she is truly a sweetheart who loves being near her people. Sweet Pea is a 13 year old shih tzu mix and is roughly 30 pounds.

Sweet Pea is special needs as she is diabetic and blind. She is not fond of her insulin shots (for diabetes) and needs someone who is patient and willing to work with her as long it takes for her to get used to it. Long term medical care is required for Sweet Pea, regular follow ups with a veterinarian to make sure she’s on the right dosage of insulin.

We are working on getting her comfortable in her new surroundings. She will do best in a home where someone is home for most of the day, as she can get nervous and cry when left alone for long periods of time. We believe this is partially due to her being newly blind. She does well in her foster home with small dogs her size and cats who do not try to interact with her. Sweet Pea does not wish to play or cuddle with other pets in the home but does not mind that they are there as long as they respect her space ‘bubble’.  Sweet Pea does best being separated from other dogs whenever food is involved.

  • Characteristics:  Sweet, Playful, Belly Rubs, Special Needs, Loving, Cute 
  • Background:  Sweet was surrendered to our rescue in January 2020.
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Benson aka. Benny,  is absolutely the sweetest old man!  He is said to be sixteen, but doesn’t act a day over ten!  His favorite pastimes include eating and exploring in the yard.  Benson is deaf with impaired vision (cataracts).  However, he is very attentive to what is going on around him. What makes Benson an “adoptable hospice” is his sensitivity to change, early kidney disease, heart murmur (early stage) and possible early dementia (he tends to pace). He also has tummy issues and per veterinary instructions, is on a medication for the rest of his life to help with nausea.  Due to his tummy issues, he does need to be fed small meals, multiple times per day.

With a lot of love, consistency and reassurance, Benson has blossomed into quite the charmer!  He is not big on snuggling but will lean his head into you for scratches and lives for belly rubs! Benson does well with other dogs as long as they don’t interfere with his space.  He prefers time with people and would be best in a home without children (13+ or older will be considered if dog savvy).  Ideally, Benson’s new family would spend most of their time home.  Benson does well with constant human companionship and would be a great travel partner.

Benson is considered an “Adoptable Hospice dog” and IS AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION. He is a super-senior at 16 yrs old but is maintaining his current health status. We are looking for a patient someone to become his forever family for the remainder of his golden years.

  • Characteristics:  playful, charmer,  deaf,  food motivated, small 
  • EMAIL US for an adoption application for Benson!

Sponsored by:  JENNIFER TILLIS


Buddy is a true chihuahua, he is independent and his personality makes him feel bigger than he actually is. You can usually find Buddy wherever the action is. He enjoys being held, but on his terms. He likes to be near his people, loves to eat, has moments of being playful with other dogs and can tend to be vocal when he doesn’t get his way. Being the independent gentleman his is, Buddy is not overly affectionate but appreciates a warm home, a soft couch and a family that has the time to take care of his special health needs. Buddy has a mild heart murmur, arthritis,  and early kidney disease that is easily managed through diet, something we would like his adopter to continue. Buddy doesn’t do well with larger dogs and would prefer spending his retirement in a home with smaller dogs only. He is 16 years old and 8 lbs.  Buddy would do best in a home without children due to his nervous nature.

Due to his age & health, Buddy is considered an “Adoptable Hospice dogs” and IS AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION. He is maintaining his current health status as of October 2019.  We are looking for a special someone for this small super senior. If you love to pamper, nurture and have the time to support his health through a holistic approach (with our guidance), this little gentleman may be meant for you!

  • Characteristics:  loving, gentleman, playful, food motivated
  • EMAIL US for an adoption application for Buddy!

MEET TIA:  (STAY TUNED FOR AN UPDATE – Tia is a senior Chihuahua pulled from an overcrowded Los Angeles shelter by our rescue partner Utah Animal Adoption Center. Tia makes GHR dog #50).  Tia is seeking a sponsor to help us cover the costs of her initial medical care.  To learn more about our sponsorship program, click HERE.