Available Senior Dogs

Adopting a dog is a serious decision.  All of our dogs receive medical care prior to adoption, including a senior wellness exam, blood work, vaccinations, microchip and any other necessary procedures needed to improve their quality of life.  We also encourage our adopters to take a proactive approach with their new senior dog’s diet and health.  Our adoption process includes the following once an application is APPROVED (if your application is not approved, you will not hear from us):

  • Meet & Greet (with family and all pets)
  • Home Check (includes all areas accessible to dogs)
  • Sign an Adoption Contract
  • Pay Adoption Fee of $100/dog

Please note we only adopt our dogs to homes in/around Idaho. We require a home check and so do not adopt out of state. Filling out an adoption application does not guarantee approval for adoption.  


**All available dogs are also available to sponsor while they are in the care of the rescue.

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Available Dogs

Sweet Pea

MEET SWEET PEA: Are you looking for a new pea to add to your pod?!  She lives for belly rubs and meal time!

Sweet Pea’s personality is true to her name, she is truly a sweetheart who loves being near her people. Sweet Pea is a 14 year old shih tzu mix and is roughly 20 pounds.

Sweet Pea is special needs as she is diabetic and blind. She also has a mild heart murmur that doesn’t require medication at this time.

Although it took some time, Sweet Pea now does well with her insulin shots, which are needed for the rest of her life, twice a day.

Long term medical care is required for Sweet Pea, regular follow ups with a veterinarian:

  • to make sure she’s on the right dosage of insulin
  • to monitor monitor her eyes for possible pain/pressure issues
  • to monitor her heart murmur.


Sweet Pea took a while to adjust to her foster home,  but she eventually learned routine and no longer experiences anxiety. While we think she was newly blind when she joined our rescue in 2019, she no longer struggles and navigates quite easily. 

Sweet Pea does not wish to play or cuddle with other pets.  She does fine with cats as long as they don’t try to interact with her. Sweet Pea does best being separated from other dogs whenever food is involved. 

  • Characteristics:  Sweet, Playful, Belly Rubs, Special Needs, Loving, Cute 
  • Background:  Sweet Pea was was pulled from West Valley Humane Society in November 2019.
  • Falling in love?! EMAIL US for an adoption application for Sweet Pea! 

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MEET NICKI!  – Nicki is approximately 16 years old and looks to be a rat terrier mix. When Nicki arrived, she had a raging skin infection.  She was itching continuously with no relief, i.e. bright red skin, no hair and skin was black & crusty. Her foster family immediately started a routine bathing protocol, 3-4 times/week with medicated shampoo and an allergy medication for two weeks. She was also fully vetted. Her thyroid was tested due to her loss of hair, but it came back in normal range.  She’ll need another thyroid test in about six months. Since Nicki has been with us, however, her skin has been improving and she is no longer itchy.

Nicki’s adopter should know the following: 
  • Loves car rides, loads and unloads w/o assistance
  • Likes walks and is good on a leash but loves to stop and smell every where.
  • She is very independent 
  • She is house trained but initially had accidents before learning foster home routine.
  • Loves sun baths!! 
  • LOVES to burrow in blankets!
Nicki is a charming little lady and will knock the socks off of you!  She would do well in a quiet home with another small dog as she has learned to take cues from the other small dog in her foster home.

Characteristics: sweet, Blanket lover, cozy gal 

  • Background:  Nicki was pulled from Stockton, California shelter in February 2021.
  • EMAIL US for an adoption application for Nicki


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Spike is approximately 10 years old and is a border collie mix.  There aren’t enough words to describe how wonderful Spike is.  He’s truly perfect in every way.   He doesn’t bark, he’s extremely loyal, he’s a great companion for walks around the neighborhood and a great dog for camping adventures.  Overall, he is a healthy boy but he’s starting to show some signs of cognitive decline, i.e. will pace, not enough that it’s affecting his quality of life but it is something his adopter should know long-term  He still has plenty of energy and will seek out attention. In fact, he loves to be with people.  He’ll occasionally mark in the house, but easily preventable with a structured routine including regular time outside and regular walks.  He is used to wearing a belly band (to prevent urine from marking indoors) if needed.  Anyone that adopts him will be the lucky one because he’s definitely a well-rounded dog that does great with other dogs, small animals, including cats and loves kids. His previous life was spent in a backyard-it’s absolutely necessary that he enjoy the comfort of the *inside* of a loving home for the rest of his life!

  • Characteristics: Sweetheart, energetic, loving, food motivated
  • Background:  Pulled from Cache Humane Society in January 2021 
  • EMAIL US for an adoption application for Spike.

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Casey is a border collie mix and is approximately 12-13 years.  She is one of our super seniors. 

Casey’s future family should know the following:

  • She is on pain medication for the rest of her life for arthritic pain. 
  • She enjoys both acupuncture and laser therapy for her mobility pain.
  • She is showing signs of cognitive decline.
  • She’s not a fan of kibble but enjoys a high quality canned food for her meals.
  • She LOVES cats, does well with other dogs and loves kids.
  • She will need rugs on floors without carpet.
  • She doesn’t seek a lot of attention but spends a lot of her day lounging.


  • Characteristics: Sweet, happy
  • Background:  Pulled from Twin Falls shelter
  • EMAIL US for an adoption application for Casey.

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Bambi, a chihuahua/papillon mix, is as sweet as she is adorable. She’s about 10 pounds and around 8 years old.  When she first joined our rescue, her foster mom said it seemed like she didn’t know what it was like to receive affection from people. Slowly but surely, Bambi is now learning to accept and enjoy human companionship. Bambi does well with other dogs and didn’t show any reaction to cats.  Bambi has been fully vetted, including a recent dental in May2021.  She’s a healthy girl and ready to find her permanent family!

Bambi is a sweet and healthy girl.  

  • Characteristics: Sweetheart
  • Background:  Bambi was surrendered to our rescue after a volunteer saw that her previous owner was giving her away for free on Craigslist.
  • EMAIL US for an adoption application for Bambi


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MEET RIO- Rio is approximately 8 years old, around 35 lbs and is a mix breed, maybe American Staffordshire mix? He is on hold for adoption at this time.  He’s currently undergoing heartworm treatment, which will take approximately three months.  As of May 2021, he’s currently in the first month of treatment.  

Poor Rio was surrendered to a Texas shelter in February 2021 by his previous family that adopted him from the same shelter when he was just a puppy.  He didn’t have heartworm when he was a puppy, but after he was surrendered to the shelter, it was discovered that he was heartworm positive. 

When we saw a post about Rio needing rescue, we knew we had to help him.   Poor little boy was so scared during his time in the shelter that he would hide under his bed.  Fortunately, we found a foster home for him, where he is now enjoying a well-spoiled life with his foster mom.  

If you’re interested in adopting Rio, please check back in August 2021, as his availability is dependent on his heartworm treatment. 

  • Characteristics: playful, loving, loyal, quite the talker
  • Background: pulled from Fortworth Animal Care and Control in March 2021
  • EMAIL US for an adoption application for Rio (currently not available)

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Little Lala is a petite 6 year old female chihuahua mix. She is a playful girl, full of personality She LOVES to play fetch despite her diagnosis of intervertebral disc disease (IVDD). 

Her spinal condition has led to full incontinence, requiring her to wear a diaper.  She is currently on pain medication because she has exhibited signs of pain in her back legs (related to IVDD). 

Lala joined our rescue in April 2021.  She is pending a medical evaluation with our vet to see how we can help minimize her IVDD pain. It’s likely we will move forward with regular laser therapy and acupuncture. 

Lala’s adopter will need to have the means to manage her ongoing medical needs to help her remain pain-free as well as patience to help with Lala’s incontinence.

Lala’s special needs make her extra special.  She makes it easy to love her! She is good with other dogs but can be a bit bossy when it comes to play time. She can be a bit feisty with cats and would do best in a home without small children (because of her spinal condition, she will need dog savvy children that are gentle and patient with her). Lala is very passionate about playing fetch which means she can be a bit, ahem, intense if another dog in the house also has the same passion. 🙂 

  • Characteristics:  playful, spunky and very vocal
  • Background: pulled from Humane Society of Northern Texas 
  •  EMAIL US for an adoption application for Lala 

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Meet Allie – Allie is currently seeking a new foster family or a foster-to-adopt family.  She is quite the special girl and is very eager to please.  

At this time, Allie needs to be an only dog, no cats and dog savvy children.
She has been trained in her previous life, is thought to be around 6 years old and is extremely loving.
She does have spinal pain that requires pain medication but it doesn’t deter her from enjoying walks and playing fetch.
Allie is extremely intelligent and will quickly bond with a very dedicated human willing to be there for her. She loves to be praised and even thinks she is a *lap dog*.
  • Characteristics:  intelligent, loyal, playful, loving
  • Background: pulled from Stockton shelter in May 2021
  •  EMAIL US for an adoption or foster application for Allie.

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Meet Maggie – Maggie is an 8 year old rat terrier mix.  She’s a perky girl that loves to play! Play time, walk time, fetch…she loves all of it! Maggie does not do well with cats and would be best in a home without small children (per our typical requirements, dog savvy children only).  Maggie currently lives in a home with other dogs but can be dominant at times with dogs more passive than her.  With the right adopter, all will be peaceful and harmonious as Maggie is eager to please.  Maggie had a vet exam on May 14, 2021 with bloodwork pending.  When she arrived, she was overweight, but she’s getting closer to a healthy weight.  One current medical concern we have is that she drinks an excessive amount of water.  Hopefully, bloodwork will give us more answers.

  • Characteristics:  energetic, loving, sweetheart, playful
  • Background: Maggie’s was surrendered to our rescue in March 2021 after her owner went into hospice.
  •  EMAIL US for an adoption or foster application for Maggie.

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Meet Bear – Bear’s frosty face immediately pulled at our hearts, which is why we brought him in after we learned he was desperately in need of a new home. He joined our rescue in May 2021, one day after his owner suddenly died.  His story breaks our hearts but we are now here for him as he adjusts to a new life.  Bear is still pending evaluation and is not available for adoption at this time.  He had a vet exam on May 14, 2021, waiting on blood work results.

  • Characteristics: Easy going, friendly, adaptable
  • Background: Bear was surrendered to our rescue in May 2021 after his owner died.
  • Currently not accepting adoption applications for Bear.

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MEET TIA – Tia first joined our rescue in March 2020 after she was pulled from an overcrowded shelter in Los Angeles.  She was adopted early summer 2020, but unfortunately, she was returned to us in May 2021.  

Tia is very shy and timid.  She requires ongoing patience as she is very slow to adapt to new environments and scares easily. She is a healthy girl, had a dental last August and bloodwork from a year ago came back normal.  We will follow up with additional bloodwork for her yearly exam.  

Like many senior chihuahuas, Tia has luxating patellas, which means it’s important she stay off of elevated areas, i.e. furniture, to avoid additional injury to her knees.  Though she does potty when she’s outside, she will potty inside. Being that she’s very shy, she doesn’t seek attention, but will be held and accept attention. She is fine in a home with other dogs, but remains her own island and doesn’t interact with other dogs, is very passive and will avoid if another dog tries to interact with her.

The more encouragement Tia receives from humans, the more she steps out of her shell but it’s a VERY SLOW process for her.  One thing that she LOVES to do is sunbath…and will accept light massages while resting in the sunshine.

We don’t want to put Tia through any additional change unless there’s someone out there willing to commit to her for the rest of her life.  We will only consider serious inquiries for such a sensitive girl that has been through a lot within the last year. Potential adopter must realize she has limitations and be willing to accept all of them.   

  • Characteristics: Quiet, shy, sweet 
  • Background: Tia was originally pulled from a Los Angeles shelter in January 2020.
  •  EMAIL US for an adoption or foster application for Tia. 
Mervyn & Toby

Mervyn (rat terrier mix) & Toby (large cattle dog) are arriving in Idaho on March 19, 2021! They are a bonded pair we just pulled from Stockton, Ca. shelter.  Stay tuned for details!

Cinnamon aka Cinny

Cinnamon is a senior female chihuahua pulled from an overcrowded Texas shelter.  She will be joining us in Idaho sometime June/July 2021.  She is currently undergoing heart worm treatment.


Peppy is a senior male chihuahua pulled from an overcrowded Texas shelter.  We are still working on dates for transport.


Lola is a senior miniature poodle that was pulled from an overcrowded Texas shelter. We are still working on dates for transport.