Available Senior Dogs

Adopting a dog is a serious decision.  All of our dogs receive medical care prior to adoption, including a senior wellness exam, blood work, vaccinations, microchip and any other necessary procedures needed to improve their quality of life.  We also encourage our adopters to take a proactive approach with their new senior dog’s diet and health.  Our adoption process includes the following once an application is APPROVED (if your application is not approved, you will not hear from us):

  • Meet & Greet (with family and all pets)
  • Home Check (includes all areas accessible to dogs)
  • Sign an Adoption Contract
  • Pay Adoption Fee of $100/dog

Please note we only adopt our dogs to homes in/around Idaho. We require a home check and so do not adopt out of state. Filling out an adoption application does not guarantee approval for adoption.  


**All available dogs are also available to sponsor while they are in the care of the rescue.

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Available Dogs

Jilly Bean
Jilly Bean

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Jilly Bean is looking for her forever home. This sweet girl can best be described as quiet and dignified.  She loves her human companions and is content just lounging on a comfortable bed near them.  We think Jilly Bean is at least 8 years old & is a blind yellow lab/heeler mix. She’s working on losing a few pounds, but is overall a healthy girl.

An ideal home for Jilly will be low-energy with plenty of room to roam. Patience will be needed because she is still working on confidence when on a leash and when learning new environments. 

On Jilly Bean’s wish list is a home free of cats and little dogs though she seems to be good with calm dogs her size but definitely needs her own space.
  • Background:  Jilly Bean was pulled from Stockton, California shelter in February 2021.
  • Characteristics: Sweet, quiet, low-energy
  • EMAIL US for an adoption application for Jilly Bean 

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Little Lala is a petite 6 year old female chihuahua mix. She is a playful girl, full of personality She LOVES to play fetch despite her diagnosis of intervertebral disc disease (IVDD). 

Her spinal condition has led to full incontinence, requiring her to wear a diaper.  She is currently on pain medication because she has exhibited signs of pain in her back legs (related to IVDD). 

Lala joined our rescue in April 2021.  She is pending a medical evaluation with our vet to see how we can help minimize her IVDD pain. It’s likely we will move forward with regular laser therapy and acupuncture. 

Lala’s adopter will need to have the means to manage her ongoing medical needs to help her remain pain-free as well as patience to help with Lala’s incontinence.

Lala’s special needs make her extra special.  She makes it easy to love her! She is good with other dogs but can be a bit bossy when it comes to play time. She can be a bit feisty with cats and would do best in a home without small children (because of her spinal condition, she will need dog savvy children that are gentle and patient with her). Lala is very passionate about playing fetch which means she can be a bit, ahem, intense if another dog in the house also has the same passion. 🙂 

  • Characteristics:  playful, spunky and very vocal
  • Background: pulled from Humane Society of Northern Texas 
  •  EMAIL US for an adoption application for Lala 

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MEET ALLIE – Allie is currently seeking a new foster family or a foster-to-adopt family.  She is quite the special girl and is very eager to please.  

At this time, Allie needs to be an only dog, no cats and dog savvy children.
She has been trained in her previous life, is thought to be around 6 years old and is extremely loving.
She does have spinal pain that requires pain medication but it doesn’t deter her from enjoying walks and playing fetch.
Allie is extremely intelligent and will quickly bond with a very dedicated human willing to be there for her. She loves to be praised and even thinks she is a *lap dog*.
  • Characteristics:  intelligent, loyal, playful, loving
  • Background: pulled from Stockton shelter in May 2021
  •  EMAIL US for an adoption or foster application for Allie.

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MEET TIA – Tia first joined our rescue in March 2020 after she was pulled from an overcrowded shelter in Los Angeles.  She was adopted early summer 2020, but unfortunately, she was returned to us in May 2021.  

Tia is very shy and timid.  She requires ongoing patience as she is very slow to adapt to new environments and scares easily. She is a healthy girl, had a dental last August and bloodwork from a year ago came back normal.  We will follow up with additional bloodwork for her yearly exam.  

Like many senior chihuahuas, Tia has luxating patellas, which means it’s important she stay off of elevated areas, i.e. furniture, to avoid additional injury to her knees.  Though she does potty when she’s outside, she will potty inside. Being that she’s very shy, she doesn’t seek attention, but will be held and accept attention. She is fine in a home with other dogs, but remains her own island and doesn’t interact with other dogs, is very passive and will avoid if another dog tries to interact with her.

The more encouragement Tia receives from humans, the more she steps out of her shell but it’s a VERY SLOW process for her.  One thing that she LOVES to do is sunbath…and will accept light massages while resting in the sunshine.

We don’t want to put Tia through any additional change unless there’s someone out there willing to commit to her for the rest of her life.  We will only consider serious inquiries for such a sensitive girl that has been through a lot within the last year. Potential adopter must realize she has limitations and be willing to accept all of them.   

  • Characteristics: Quiet, shy, sweet 
  • Background: Tia was originally pulled from a Los Angeles shelter in January 2020.
  •  EMAIL US for an adoption or foster application for Tia. 


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Mardi is a blind 2 year-old German Shepherd. Mardi is a playful young girl who adjusts well to new environments. She quickly is able to “map” new environments and is a curious energetic sweet girl.

Mardi is young but considered special needs due to being blind. Our organization is fortunate to attract people that don’t allow dogs with special needs to stop them from fostering! She is a wonderful dog but currently needs to be the only dog and no cats. Dog savvy children only, 12+. 

Mardi came to us from Texas via Dallas Pets Alive & Dog is My CoPilot, Inc. July 4th, 2021.

  • Characteristics: loving, playful, young, blind
  • Background: Mardi was pulled from an overcrowded shelter in Texas and entered foster care in Idaho during the summer of 2021.
  •  EMAIL US for an adoption or foster application Mardi


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MEET ELI- Elijah is a blind 11-year-old pitbull that needs a committed foster or adopter!

Eli is the cutest and sweetest friend you’ll ever find! He seems to bond easier with the ladies but has so far been friendly with everyone he’s met.

He will be your shadow and will want to be wherever his human is. He loves walks and is always excited for an outdoor adventure.

He has spondylosis so he needs to be limited to moderate walks/activities even though he will try to convince you that he can go much further. He pulls on the leash but corrects easily. Aside from being blind and having spondylosis, he is a very healthy guy!

He’s on a few medications but he loves peanut butter so giving him his pills is a breeze.

Aside from his excitement for his walks he is pretty calm and loves to nap! He’s a funny, happy guy and will be a great addition to the right home. He doesn’t let his lack of vision get him down and is a pro at learning the layout of his surroundings.

Eli has had some scuffles with larger dogs in the home so he will need to go to a home with no other dogs, or with calm smaller dogs. If you are interested in fostering or adopting this very special boy, please send an email to greenheartrescue@gmail.com

  • Characteristics: Sweet, friendly, loyal
  •  EMAIL US for an adoption or foster application for Eli. 

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Peppy is a senior male chihuahua pulled from an overcrowded Texas shelter. 

  • Characteristics: 
  • Background:  Pulled from an overcrowded Texas shelter 


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  • Background:  

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  • Background:  

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Lady Bug