About Us

Green Heart Rescue was founded in May 2018 by ShannonBenecke.  The inspiration behind Green Heart Rescue was a senior dog named Dasher.  Dasher wasn’t with Shannon for very long, but he changed her life forever.

One of Dasher’s nick names was “Greens”, lovingly called “Greens” because he wasn’t “ripe” (he had some aggression issues and at the time, Shannon had very little experience with the complexity of dog behavior and dog health).

Dasher also had congestive heart failure.  It was through Shannon’s journey with Dasher that she embraced a holistic approach for all of her dogs. Through a holistic approach, Dasher’s aggression decreased and he lived a year longer than his prognosis.

Knowing that many seniors, if not all, have extra special needs, Shannon wanted to honor Dasher by naming her senior dog rescue after him.

Her “Green Dog” with congestive heart failure is the reason she started Green Heart Rescue, with the mission to save dogs that might have more difficulty getting adopted because of their age and health problems.

Green Heart Rescue saved their first senior dog (Tara) in June 2018.  Tara provided the strength that Shannon needed to get Green Heart Rescue up and running, playing an important role in the foundation of the rescue.  Since then, it has been an ongoing journey of saving senior dogs and networking within the dog rescue community.

Green Heart Rescue is an all-volunteer based organization.  If you’re interested in being a part of our team to volunteer or foster, please send an email to introduce yourself.