Do You Want to Make a Difference?

We are looking for foster homes in the Boise, Idaho area. 
The more foster homes we have, the
more senior dogs we are able to save!

Help us save another life and learn
more about our foster program.

Mission Statement

Green Heart Rescue’s mission is to provide safe, loving homes for senior dogs, dogs with special needs and hospice care dogs.  Our focus is to improve quality of life through integrating a holistic approach with proper medical care for every dog we rescue.  By the time most senior dogs have entered our rescue, their health has already started to decline.  They are often abandoned and neglected because of their age, which is why we are passionate about offering them a second chance.  Our goal is to make sure their final days include comfort, peace, proper nutrition, and medical care prior to finding their permanent home.  Read more about our story HERE.

In Loving Memory of Tara

Tara was the first dog to join our rescue.  We pulled her from a shelter in Utah on June 23, 2018.  Shortly after joining our rescue, we learned that Tara had kidney failure.  She became a hospice dog and lived the rest of her life with Green Heart Rescue founder, Shannon.  Tara played an important role in Green Heart Rescue as Shannon’s co-pilot, always with her through every major decision.

Tara lived her life to the fullest.  Her strong presence will greatly be missed, but her legacy will continue.  Tara will always be the heartbeat behind Green Heart Rescue, reminding us why we rescue senior dogs…to give them a second chance at life!

Rescued: 6/23/18

Rainbow Bridge: 3/23/20