Available Senior Dogs

Adopting a dog is a serious decision.  If you’re interested in any of our available dogs, please email us for an adoption application. All of our dogs receive medical care prior to adoption, including a senior wellness exam, blood work, vaccinations, microchip and any other necessary procedures needed to improve their quality of life.  We also encourage our adopters to take a proactive approach with their new senior dog’s diet and health.  Our adoption process includes the following once an application is APPROVED (if your application is not approved, you will not hear from us):

  • Meet & Greet (with family and all pets)
  • Home Check (includes all areas accessible to dogs)
  • Sign an Adoption Contract
  • Pay Adoption Fee of $75.00/dog


LADY BUG & BOO BOO are mother & son.  They are a bonded pair and must be adopted together.  Both are very sweet lap dogs and both love to eat.  Lady Bug is overweight and is still working on losing weight.  She has a fatty growth on her belly that may need to be removed in the future if it gets bigger, but it is harmless. Boo Boo greatly depends on Lady Bug for security and is also her partner in crime when it comes to stealing food.  Their adopter will need to be as crafty as they are when it comes time to feeding time, making sure they are fed separately and making sure human food isn’t accessible to them. Green Heart Rescue was able to get dentals done for both Lady Bug and Boo Boo in October 2018. Lady Bug is 10 years old and Boo Boo is 7 years old.  Lady Bug does have early signs of arthritis.  While they do well in a home with other dogs, we prefer that they are adopted in a home without other dogs so that they get plenty of one-on-one attention.  We also prefer they be adopted in a home without young children.  We may consider children 13 years or older.  Although they are super sweet and have not shown any sign of being nippers, they do tend to be on the nervous side.  They need a lot of reassurance to be sure they are safe and sound. They are cat friendly, but would need to live in a home with a dog friendly cat.  If you’re interested in adopting Boo Boo & Lady Bug, please email us for an adoption application.  Their adoption fee is $150.00.
Background:  Lady Bug and Boo Boo are from Barstow, California.  They were surrendered by their owner, reason unknown.  Green Heart Rescue pulled them from an overcrowded shelter in August 2018.

MEET WRINKLES. Wrinkles is approximately 8 years old and is a Shar Pei mix.  Wrinkles is a loving girl that loves to cuddle with people.  Wrinkles recently completed 6 weeks of training with Alliance Dog Training to help with basic commands as well as help with her reactive behavior towards other dogs. She did amazingly well and didn’t show any sign of reactivity during her final session.  Both Green Heart Rescue and Alliance Dog Training will help integrate Wrinkles into her new home if there are other dogs in the home.  If you’re interested in adopting Wrinkles, please email us for an adoption application.  Many thanks to Boise Pet Photography for the photo session with Wrinkles.  You can find more photos of Wrinkles on our FB page.
Background:  We pulled Wrinkles from an overcrowded shelter in Tulare, California in October 2018.  When Wrinkles joined our rescue, she was emaciated.  It was obvious she had been neglected for most of her life, if not all of her life. She wasn’t fixed, most likely bred many times.  (Thanks to Stella’s Shelter Fund, we were able to get Wrinkles fixed.)

MEET CHARLIE. Charlie is most likely a chihuahua/pug mix and is around 14 years old.  He’s a super sweet boy, easy going and loves to be around people.  If you’re looking for a lap dog, Charlie is your boy! Another plus…he loves kids and does well with cats.  Overall, Charlie is in decent health.  He had blood work done shortly after he joined our rescue, which was in February 2019. The bloodwork initially showed high liver values which have since lowered with the help of milk thistle – a liver supplement. We are currently accepting applications for Charlie, but he won’t be available for adoption until after he receives a dental cleaning. To receive an adoption application for Charlie, please email us.  

Background:  We pulled Charlie from West Valley Humane Society in February 2019. 

MEET LOLA. Lola is Queensland Heeler mix and is between 8-10 years old.  She is a gentle girl with a very calm and angelic demeanor.  Her ideal day includes spending time with her people and being fed delicious meals.  Lola is on the heavy side, which is causing some issues with her hips and leg joints.  We are working on helping her lose weight. When Lola joined our rescue, she was filthy, obviously neglected health wise with awful teeth and an oozing growth called a hemangioma (benign).  Lola had a dental in April 2019 and had the hemangioma removed as well.  Surgery went well and she is now ready for her forever home.  If you’re looking for a quiet girl to keep you company, Lola is your girl.  She just wants to be loved and will return it to you without hesitation.  To receive an adoption application for Lola, please email us. 

Background:  We pulled Lola from an overcrowded shelter in Utah in March 2019.  She was found as a stray without any identification.  She was never claimed, so we pulled her when we learned that she was close to being euthanized due to lack of space. 

MEET PUCCA! Pucca is a 10 year old female boxer & is a cancer survivor!! She is around 60 lbs, but is on the thin side (working on helping her gain some weight).  She is a shy and timid girl that takes time to warm up to new people.  Once she knows you, however, she will love you forever.  Pucca lives in a foster home with another dog her size and two other small dogs.  We aren’t sure how she would do in a home with cats.  She lived with kids in her previous home, but we would prefer to see her find a home without kids, preferably with people that either work from home or are retired.  If you’re looking to add a sweetheart into your family, come meet Pucca! She will melt your heart!  To receive an adoption application for Pucca, please email us.

Background:  Pucca was surrendered to our rescue in April 2019.  She has had sarcoma cancer in the past with her previous owner.  As of now, there is no sign of it returning, but we are proactive with her diet.  She does have skin allergies that have been a work in progress since she joined our rescue. 

MEET MAX! Max is an adorable, happy, cuddly, wobbly little guy. He is a 13 year old Shih Tzu with an underbite that will melt your heart. His favorite things are being near you, eating, cuddling, & running around the yard. It’s entirely possible that he is the friendliest little guy in the whole world. He loves EVERYONE; people, dogs, cats, even bunnies. He may have hip dysplasia, but that doesn’t slow him down. When he gets excited and starts sprinting around the yard you will be shocked at how fast he can go. This sweetheart wants nothing more than a loving lap to curl up on and enjoy some sunshine. Max’s first chapters have already been written, but he’s got plenty more to offer. Can you give him his happy ending?   

To receive an adoption application for Max, please email us.  

Background:  Max came to the rescue from Utah, when his elderly owner could no longer care for him in April 2019. Max had a dental cleaning with 4 extractions in May 2019. His visit also included blood work, a thorough exam, X-rays, and a heartworm test, which was negative. X-rays showed that Max does have a bad case of hip dysplasia, which makes him wobbly. He does NOT let this slow him down and is able to walk & run. He would do best in a home without stairs, or confined to the lower level.  


SNICKERS, here! I’m what they call a JRT…a Jack Russell terrier and I’m looking for my forever home. You see I was left at a shelter because my last family didn’t have time for me. 

I come with lots of qualifications. I am a great car rider; I love to take naps and short walks and can sleep in a crate or on the bed next to you. I’m only 16 pounds and I’m housebroken. I also, like other dogs, they can make me feel safe and learn new house rules.  And, I am a champion squirrel and bird alert. I let mom know the pesky little devils are around by barking.  

Of course. At 11 years old, I also have a few health conditions, who doesn’t? I have a bit of arthritis in my joints so I take an inexpensive medicine to make me more comfortable. I also have the very beginnings of Cushing’s Disease. It makes me hungry all the time. I get treats of green beans and even ice cubes to help me feel full. 

Are you my forever home? Do you want to meet me? I want to meet you! 

To receive an adoption application for Snickers, please email us.  

Background:  Snickers was pulled from a Utah shelter in April 2019. He has had bloodwork, a through exam, X-rays & did not need a dental cleaning as his teeth are in great shape! Snickers needed x-rays because we were concerned about possible congestive heart failure png with pain in one of his shoulders. Snickers’s x-rays showed that he has some arthritis in one of his shoulders, but fortunately does not have congestive heart failure-he does, however, have a mild heart murmur. He is on a daily, inexpensive anti-inflammatory for his arthritis.  

YODA, my name is. Senior, I am. Green Heart Rescue, I love. YODA is a super senior at 12 years old, so he comes with the typical lumps and bumps and a little arthritis. The vet indicated that he is deaf and bloodwork showed signs of Cushing’s disease. Yoda is a gentle and affectionate boy. He gives kissed and wags his tail to show his appreciation of the care and attention that volunteers provide. Yoda has been known to enjoy burrowing into blankets & making cute sounds. He also likes to roll on his back in the grass. He rides well in the car, and sometimes stands at the windows to take in all the good smells. He walks well on leash and prefers ‘going’ instead of ‘resting’. To pass the time by himself, he likes stuffed kongs. We’ve learned that there isn’t a treat that he doesn’t like and takes treats with a gentle mouth. Yoda has been tested with another large dog…We believe that he could live with other dogs with the proper introduction. At his age, he deserves the comfort of a loving home.  

To receive an adoption application for Yoda, please email us.  

Background: Yoda was pulled from an overcrowded California shelter on May 4th, 2019 along with Phasma, Jedi, & Chewy. This is how he got his Star Wars themed name. May the 4th be with you!  

Phasma is at least 8 years old and is a terrier mix (maybe some poodle and/or maltese mix, too). Due to her breed, she will need an adopter that will be able to afford and maintain regular grooming. When she first joined our rescue in May 2019, she was covered in matts, head to toe, was very timid and preferred being in a crate.

While she still demonstrates feral tendencies (will run away & hide if something scares her), she has since warmed up in her foster home. Slowly but surely, she is revealing bits and pieces of her cute personality each day. She is a playful girl and would do great in a home with another dog her size that is also playful. She is also a lap dog that enjoys being the shadow of her favorite person. Although Phasma is warming up more each day, she does need someone that has patience and understands that she will need some time before trusting just anyone to pet her. It will need to be on her terms as far as picking her up to be held. Due to her slight feral tendencies (which may always be a part of her), she can’t be in a home with young children (dog savvy children 13 years or older).

Phasma is in desperate need of a dental and has one scheduled for July 18,2019. We also need to confirm if she’s spayed or not. Our vet wasn’t sure if the scar on her belly was a spay scar or a caesarian scar. No sign of her going into heat, but we are looking into doing an ultrasound to confirm ovaries.

Adoption applications are being accepted, but Phasma will not be available until she is fully vetted.To receive an adoption application for Phasma, please email us.  

If you’d like to help sponsor the costs of Phasma’s medical care to expedite our vetting process, donations can be made or via PayPal: greenheartrescue@gmail.com

Background: Phasma was pulled from an at-risk shelter in Southern California and clearly suffered years of neglect. Her name stems from the Star Wars theme since she was pulled on May 4. Phasma was pulled the same day as Yoda, Jedi and Chewy.

MEET JEDI: Jedi is at least 10 years and is a chihuahua mix (maybe doxie, too). She is a cautious girl that needs time to settle in and get to know her people. Once she she knows you, she is just an absolute LOVE!

She enjoys walks and does well on a leash. She loves to roll in the grass and explore. Jedi has done great with the children in her foster home, who are all over 12, but is cautious around men.

Although she lives in a foster home with larger dogs, she is feisty towards them. It would be best for her to be in a home with smaller dogs.

Don’t let her age fool you. She loves to play with toys! She also loves to snuggle under blankets and prefers to sleep next to her favorite person at night.

Once Jedi is confident that she is in a safe home, she will be loyal to the people around her. It will take time for her to adjust to men, but as long as positive reinforcement is given (LOTS OF TREATS), she will do great with men. Due to her initial nervous behavior, she can only be around older children that are dog savvy (13 years or older) Dog savvy meaning they will not push boundaries and allow Jedi as much space as possible until she is ready for the next step of endless love.

To receive an adoption application for Jedi, please email us.  

Background: Jedi was pulled from an at-risk shelter in Southern California and clearly suffered years of neglect. Her name stems from the Star Wars theme since she was pulled on May 4. Jedi was pulled the same day as Yoda, Phasma and Chewy.