Available Senior Dogs

Adopting a dog is a serious decision.  If you’re interested in any of our available dogs, please email us for an adoption application. All of our dogs receive medical care prior to adoption, including a senior wellness exam, blood work, vaccinations, microchip and any other necessary procedures needed to improve their quality of life.  We also encourage our adopters to take a proactive approach with their new senior dog’s diet and health.  Our adoption process includes the following once an application is APPROVED (if your application is not approved, you will not hear from us):

  • Meet & Greet (with family and all pets)
  • Home Check (includes all areas accessible to dogs)
  • Sign an Adoption Contract
  • Pay Adoption Fee of $75.00/dog

Please note we only adopt our dogs to homes in/around Idaho. We require a home check and so do not adopt out of state unless we have a trusted volunteer available to perform a home check.

**All Available pets are also available to sponsor while they are in the care of the rescue.


Sponsored by:  SPARKY’S SPOTS

MEET WRINKLES. Wrinkles is approximately 8 years old and is a Shar Pei mix, weighing around 55 lbs.  Wrinkles is a loving girl that loves to cuddle with people.  Wrinkles dances in anticipation for her dinner each night, it is the cutest thing! Wrinkles recently completed 6 weeks of training with Alliance Dog Training to help with basic commands as well as help with her reactive behavior towards other dogs. She did amazingly well and didn’t show any sign of reactivity during her final session.  Both Green Heart Rescue and Alliance Dog Training will help integrate Wrinkles into her new home if there are other dogs in the home.  If you’re interested in adopting Wrinkles, please email us for an adoption application.  Many thanks to Boise Pet Photography for the photo session with Wrinkles.  You can find more photos of Wrinkles on our FB page.

Wrinkles would do great with kids, but would do best in a home without cats. All current dogs in the home would need to be introduced to Wrinkles before adoption.

Background:  We pulled Wrinkles from an overcrowded shelter in Tulare, California in October 2018.  When Wrinkles joined our rescue, she was emaciated.  It was obvious she had been neglected for most of her life, if not all of her life. She wasn’t fixed, most likely bred many times.  (Thanks to Stella’s Shelter Fund, we were able to get Wrinkles fixed.)
Characteristics: Cuddly, dances, loving

MEET CHARLIE. Charlie is most likely a chihuahua/pug mix and is around 14 years old.  He’s a super sweet boy, easy going and loves to be around people. A PLUS about Charlie: he loves kids and does just fine with cats. If you’re looking for a lap dog, Charlie is your boy! Charlie recently had a dental (October 2019) and is on two different heart medications.  To receive an adoption application for Charlie, please email us.  

Background:  We pulled Charlie from West Valley Humane Society in February 2019. 

Characteristics: Cuddly, friendly, sweet


YODA, my name is. Senior, I am. Green Heart Rescue, I love. YODA is a 65 lb super senior at 12 years old, so he comes with the typical lumps and bumps and a little arthritis. The vet indicated that he is deaf and bloodwork showed signs of Cushing’s disease. Yoda is a gentle and affectionate boy. He gives kissed and wags his tail to show his appreciation of the care and attention that volunteers provide. Yoda has been known to enjoy burrowing into blankets & making cute sounds. He also likes to roll on his back in the grass. He rides well in the car, and sometimes stands at the windows to take in all the good smells. He walks well on leash and prefers ‘going’ instead of ‘resting’. To pass the time by himself, he likes stuffed kongs. We’ve learned that there isn’t a treat that he doesn’t like and takes treats with a gentle mouth. Yoda currently lives in a foster home with several other dogs of different sizes and does well with other dogs, but we prefer he find a home where he doesn’t have a lot of competition.  One or two other canine roommates may be okay for him as long as they respect his age, wisdom and space.  He’s not reactive but has shown that he gets overwhelmed by other dogs in public environments, which is why he doesn’t attend our adoption events.  has been tested with another large dog.  At his age, he deserves the comfort of a loving home.  If you’re considering adding Yoda to your family, please reach out to us for a private meet and greet.

Yoda would do best in a home without cats or young children. Older, respectful kids or teenagers would be best for Yoda.

To receive an adoption application for Yoda, please email us.  Thanks to Yoda’s sponsor, his adoption fee is waived!!!

Background: Yoda was pulled from an overcrowded California shelter on May 4th, 2019 along with Phasma, Jedi, & Chewy. This is how he got his Star Wars themed name. May the 4th be with you!  

Characteristics: Deaf, playful, treat motivated, cuddly, kisses, Friendly

MEET JEDI: Jedi is at least 10 years and is a chihuahua mix (maybe doxie, too). She is a cautious girl that needs time to settle in and get to know her people. Once she knows you, she is just an absolute LOVE!

She enjoys walks and does well on a leash. She loves to roll in the grass and explore. Jedi has done great with the children in her foster home, who are all over 12, but is cautious around men.

Although she lived in a foster home with larger dogs, she is feisty towards them. It would be best for her to be in a home with smaller dogs.

Don’t let her age fool you. She loves to play with toys! She also loves to snuggle under blankets and prefers to sleep next to her favorite person at night.

Once Jedi is confident that she is in a safe home, she will be loyal to the people around her. It will take time for her to adjust to men, but as long as positive reinforcement is given (LOTS OF TREATS), she will do great with men. Due to her initial nervous behavior, she can only be around older children that are dog savvy (13 years or older) Dog savvy meaning they will not push boundaries and allow Jedi as much space as possible until she is ready for the next step of endless love.

From Jedi’s foster mom “Jedi loves kids but I would suggest older kids who are respectful and will also give her space. She loves other dogs but does have some dominating type behaviors, that could possibly trigger some dogs. I have 6 cats and she will bark at them and get nippy if not properly supervised. The good thing is that she re-directs wonderfully, so I think given the proper amount of time and training, she could learn to live with non-reactive cats and dogs. she also does tend to show a little hesitance towards men, but will warm up over time. She really will need someone who can be patient and understand that she is still trying to learn social cues and boundaries. she really wants to play with other dogs, but does not get the hint when they do not want to play with her. Jedi is a total snuggler & gives the best kisses! She lives to lay on the couch with her human.  We are working on teaching her boundaries, proper social interactions, and the “leave it” command. She has learned how to use the dog door.”

To receive an adoption application for Jedi, please email us.  

Background: Jedi was pulled from an at-risk shelter in Southern California and clearly suffered years of neglect. Her name stems from the Star Wars theme since she was pulled on May 4. Jedi was pulled the same day as Yoda, Phasma and Chewy.

Characteristics: playful, loving, cautious, snuggles


MEET BELLA! Bella is a sweet, fun-loving, playful girl. 

She is almost entirely blind, although we think she can see either shapes or light. She still gets around very well. She will follow clicking or the sound of your voice to seek out attention. She gets along well with most dogs (will give a warning if she’s feeling crowded, which is respectable) likes children and people. She likes going on car rides & walks. She does not need to go on long walks, a walk around a block or two is sufficient.

She does not like being left alone. Bella’s blindness is very recent, cause unknown, and appeared to happen shortly before she came to our rescue in August 2019. As she is recently blind Bella does not like being left alone, and will howl sometimes if she’s left alone. We feel she does feel a little better with dog friends around and currently her foster family leaves music on for her when they leave. 

She does take medicine for her thyroid, which is fairly inexpensive and easy to manage (2 pills a day) which she takes in a pill pocket. Previously Bella’s thyroid was not being managed, which caused her to be hungry all the time. This led to some counter-surfing and foraging through the garbage tendencies, which is easily managed with leaving temptations out of reach. She likes to chew on filled bones, and can “hunt” for them in the backyard. She will sometimes join in when other dogs in her foster home are barking and/or playing. This sweet girl would be a loving companion for someone who has time for her and loves to give belly rubs. Once she finds you and gets attention (belly rubs!) she gifts you with the BEST smile. 

Does this girl melt your heart?! If so email us for an adoption application.

Characteristics: Loving, playful, sweet


These special pets are considered “Adoptable Hospice dogs”. These dogs, while diagnosed with a specific ailment or disease, are maintaining their current health status.  This makes them AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION! 

**All Adoptable hospice pets are also available to sponsor while they are in the care of the rescue. 

MEET KIKI! Kiki is a Shiba Inu mix. We pulled her from an overcrowded Utah shelter in February 2019. We think she’s at least 10 years old. She is a feisty, playful little lady, full of personality. She is a sweet lap dog that appreciates the comfort of a safe and loving home. As with all of our dogs, Kiki was taken to the vet shortly after we rescued her. Sadly, her bloodwork showed that she is in kidney failure. Fortunately, at this time, Kiki has a strong appetite, which makes it easier for us to give her supplements for her kidneys. In addition to cooking for her, we give Kiki Azodyl & Epakitin, two supplements that benefit dogs in kidney failure. She’s also a big fan of raw goat’s milk. Kiki is happy and maintaining without any signs of illness at this time and for that, we are grateful because she is a well-loved member of the Green Heart Family.

From her foster mom: “Kiki is a total sweetheart! She enjoys attention but is not pushy about it. She is fine with other dogs but can be a bit bossy, so can go to a home with dogs who do not mind her assertiveness. Kiki also does well with the cats in her foster home although she will occasionally bark at them. She would need to be in a home with cats who are non-reactive. She takes a little while to warm up, once you earn her affection she will melt your heart! She is such a foxy little lady!” 

Kiki is considered an “Adoptable Hospice dog” and IS AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION. She is maintaining her current health status and we are looking for a special someone to become her forever family for the remainder of her golden years. Kiki will need follow up vet visits every 6 months to monitor her bloodwork and will need to remain on the kidney supplements combined with a balanced cooked diet. Kiki is also currently on kidney supplements: Azodyl & Epakitin, as seen on our Amazon wishlist

If you’re interested in adopting Kiki please email us for an adoption application.  

Characteristics: Loving, playful, cuddly

Sponsored by:  JENNIFER TILLIS

MEET BUDDY & SISSY! Two adorable chihuahuas. Buddy & Sissy are a bonded pair, which means they must be adopted together.

MEET BUDDY & SISSY! Two adorable chihuahuas. Buddy & Sissy are a bonded pair, which means they must be adopted together.

Both Buddy and Sissy do just fine with the other small dogs.  Buddy doesn’t do well with larger dogs and would prefer spending his retirement in a home with smaller dogs only-ideally, just him and his sister.

They are both 16 years old – we think they’re siblings as they both have similar health issues.   Both have kidney disease, mild heart murmurs and arthritis.  Little Sissy is showing signs of dementia and is on thyroid medication.  Neither are super cuddly but do appreciate a warm home, a soft couch and a family that has the time to take care of their special health needs.  Kidney disease is easily managed through diet.  It could be in the near future that they’ll need to be on heart medication, but when taking a holistic approach, supplements for heart support will increase their quality of life.

They both tend tend to be on the nervous side and would love some place quiet and filled with love. Due to their nervous behavior, we would prefer adopting them into a home without young children-13 years or older (and only if they’re small dog savvy).

Sissy weighs 5 pounds and Buddy weighs about 8 lbs. If you have room in your heart and couch please let us know ASAP!

Due to their age & health, they are considered “Adoptable Hospice dogs” and ARE AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION. They are maintaining their current health status as of October 2019.  We are looking for a special someone for our super senior bonded pair.  If you love to pamper, nurture and have the time to support their health through a holistic approach (with our guidance), these two may be meant for you!

If you’re interested in adopting this adorable pair please email us for an adoption application.

Buddy Characteristics: loving,timid (at first) lil grandpa
Sissy Characteristics: tiny, timid Sweet, lil old lady



Background: Schatzie & Pepper were surrendered to our rescue in April 2019. Schatzie and Pepper were raised together and are a bonded pair, meaning they will be adopted together.

Schatzie is 13 years old and is a Shetland Sheepdog.  She is a sweet,dainty lady who gives into her herding instincts. She is very easy-going and likes to be around people. She is reserved when in public. You will occasionally catch her chasing her tail. She knows how to sit, stay, lay down and shake…when her paw is coaxed.  She loves to be brushed and her nails need extra special care when trimming, as she has long quicks. She does run and bark at someone passing by in the yard. She loves to explore around the yard, but is quick to want to be let back inside. She is crate-trained, but also enjoys lounging outside of her crate as long as someone is home.  Schatzie likes her space & will need existing pets in the home to leave her be. 

Pepper is a 12-year old King Charles Cavalier Spaniel/American Eskimo mix in July 2019.  He is quirky in nature and can be extremely passive and reserved. He will let you gently rub his belly.  He is an athlete and can jump and maneuver quickly and smoothly. He loves to chase balls. He has a cute smile and wants to be near people.  Pepper’s safe zone is his kennel although enjoys spending time outside for short periods of time.  He will bark if someone knocks at the door. He is hesitant to new people but is very warm and loving once he gets to know you. 

MEDICAL: We’d noticed  a concerning growth on Schatzie (sheltie) that was diagnosed as a perianal tumor. It most likely has been there for a while, but it wasn’t until recently that it grew to be noticeable. We’ve explored our options and have decided to make the next few weeks or months (whatever time she has left), the best days of Schatzie’s life. It was not an easy decision to make. If she were to survive the surgery, we are not guaranteed that her recovery would be 100%, not to mention the pain involved with such an invasive surgery. We also took Pepper into consideration, because Schatzie and Pepper were surrendered to us as a bonded pair-they were raised together in the same home their entire lives and then transitioned into our foster home together. It was not an easy transition for either of them and it took Pepper months to finally relax & trust his foster family. While Schatzie is still with us, we will take her and Pepper on special outings, share special treats and make sure Schatzie knows how important she is to us. Schatzie is currently showing no negative symptoms from her tumor. She is maintaining a good quality of life with brother Pepper, which is why they are up for adoption. 

Pepper & Shatzie are considered “Adoptable Hospice dogs” and ARE AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION.  We are looking for a very special someone to become their forever family for the remainder of their golden years. Someone who can show Schatzie how loved she is, and show Pepper love & support when the time comes to grieve for his sister.

If you’re interested in adopting this special pair please email us for an adoption application.

Pepper Characteristics: Timid at first, belly rubs, chase balls, vocal
Schatzie Characteristics: Playful, loves being brushed, reserved, likes her space from other pets



Benson aka. Benny,  is absolutely the sweetest old man!  He is said to be sixteen, but doesn’t act a day over ten!  His favorite pastimes include playing with his favorite snake toy, eating, and exploring in the yard.  Benson is deaf, but he has great vision and is very attentive to what is going on around him. What makes Benson an “adoptable hospice” is his sensitivity to change.  When Benson first arrived he was very nervous and paced constantly. If he thought he was alone in a room he would bark and bark until he received adequate assurance that he was not in fact alone. With a lot of love, consistency and reassurance, Benson has blossomed into quite the charmer!  He is not big on snuggling but will lean his head into you for scratches and lives for belly rubs! Benson does well with cats, dogs, & respectful, dog-savvy children.

Benson is considered an “Adoptable Hospice dog” and IS AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION. He is a super-senior at 16 yrs old but is maintaining his current health status. We are looking for a patient someone to become his forever family for the remainder of his golden years.

If you’re interested in adopting Benson please email us for an adoption application.