Available Senior Dogs

Adopting a dog is a serious decision.  If you’re interested in any of our available dogs, please email us for an adoption application. All of our dogs receive medical care prior to adoption, including a senior wellness exam, blood work, vaccinations, microchip and any other necessary procedures needed to improve their quality of life.  We also encourage our adopters to take a proactive approach with their new senior dog’s diet and health.  Our adoption process includes the following once an application is APPROVED (if your application is not approved, you will not hear from us):

  • Meet & Greet (with family and all pets)
  • Home Check (includes all areas accessible to dogs)
  • Sign an Adoption Contract
  • Pay Adoption Fee of $75.00/dog

Please note we only adopt our dogs to homes in/around Idaho. We require a home check and so do not adopt out of state unless we have a trusted volunteer available to perform a home check.

**All Available pets are also available to sponsor while they are in the care of the rescue.


Sponsored by:  SPARKY’S SPOTS

MEET WRINKLES. Wrinkles is approximately 8 years old and is a Shar Pei mix, weighing around 55 lbs.  Wrinkles is a loving girl that loves to cuddle with people.  Wrinkles dances in anticipation for her dinner each night, it is the cutest thing! Wrinkles recently completed 6 weeks of training with Alliance Dog Training to help with basic commands as well as help with her reactive behavior towards other dogs. She did amazingly well and didn’t show any sign of reactivity during her final session.  Both Green Heart Rescue and Alliance Dog Training will help integrate Wrinkles into her new home if there are other dogs in the home.  If you’re interested in adopting Wrinkles, please email us for an adoption application.  Many thanks to Boise Pet Photography for the photo session with Wrinkles.  You can find more photos of Wrinkles on our FB page.

Wrinkles would do great with kids, but would do best in a home without cats. All current dogs in the home would need to be introduced to Wrinkles before adoption.

Background:  We pulled Wrinkles from an overcrowded shelter in Tulare, California in October 2018.  When Wrinkles joined our rescue, she was emaciated.  It was obvious she had been neglected for most of her life, if not all of her life. She wasn’t fixed, most likely bred many times.  (Thanks to Stella’s Shelter Fund, we were able to get Wrinkles fixed.)
Characteristics: Cuddly, dances, loving

MEET SWEET PEA: Are you looking for a new pea to add to your pod?! Sweet Pea is one of our newest additions to the rescue! She lives for belly rubs and dinner time!

Sweet pea’s personality is true to her name, she is truly a sweetheart who loves being near her people. Sweet Pea is a 13 year old shih tzu mix and is roughly 30 pounds.

Sweet Pea is special needs as she is diabetic and blind. We are working on getting her comfortable in her new surroundings. She will do best in a home where someone is home for most of the day, as she can get nervous and cry when left alone for long periods of time. We believe this is partially due to her being newly blind. She does well in her foster home with small dogs her size and cats who do not try to interact with her. Sweet Pea does not wish to play or cuddle with other pets in the home but does not mind that they are there as long as they respect her space ‘bubble’.

Falling in love?! Please email us for an adoption application.

Characteristics: sweet, belly rubs, cute, loving, special needs


MEET JEDI: Jedi is a sweet girl who would love a home of her own. Jedi does have her own super powers, just like her name suggests! Try not to look into her eyes for too long, she has power to melt your heart! Jedi does like other dogs, but proper introductions are a must! Jedi can be a little insecure at times, but once she figures out that she is safe and loved, she blossoms into a goofy love bug! Jedi has a famous happy dance that she would love to show her new human. Jedi also comes with some clicker training, which she really excels at! She is so smart and really wants to please. Jedi is still a relatively young senior and has plenty of energy still. She does well on walks and is great in the car. She loves to roll in the grass and explore. Don’t let her age fool you. She loves to play with toys! She also loves to snuggle under blankets and prefers to sleep next to her favorite person at night. Although she lived in a foster home with larger dogs, she is feisty towards them. It would be best for her to be in a home with smaller dogs. She would probably do best in a cat free home, with older children who understand how to give her space. Jedi also knows how to use the dog door!

Once Jedi is confident that she is in a safe home, she will be loyal to the people around her. It will take time for her to adjust to men, but as long as positive reinforcement is given (LOTS OF TREATS), she will do great with men. Due to her initial nervous behavior, she can only be around older children that are dog savvy (12 years or older) Dog savvy meaning they will not push boundaries and allow Jedi as much space as possible until she is ready for the next step of endless love.

Jedi is at least 10 years and is a chihuahua mix (maybe corgi, too). She is a cautious girl that needs time to settle in and get to know her people. Once she knows you, she is just an absolute LOVE! Please spread the word! I know the perfect home is out there for this girl!

From Jedi’s foster mom “Jedi loves kids but I would suggest older kids who are respectful and will also give her space. She loves other dogs but does have some dominating type behaviors, that could possibly trigger some dogs. I have 6 cats and she will bark at them and get nippy if not properly supervised. The good thing is that she re-directs wonderfully, so I think given the proper amount of time and training, she could learn to live with non-reactive cats and dogs. she also does tend to show a little hesitance towards men, but will warm up over time. She really will need someone who can be patient and understand that she is still trying to learn social cues and boundaries. she really wants to play with other dogs, but does not get the hint when they do not want to play with her. Jedi is a total snuggler & gives the best kisses! She lives to lay on the couch with her human.  We are working on teaching her boundaries, proper social interactions, and the “leave it” command. She has learned how to use the dog door.”

To receive an adoption application for Jedi, please email us.  

Background: Jedi was pulled from an at-risk shelter in Southern California and clearly suffered years of neglect. Her name stems from the Star Wars theme since she was pulled on May 4. Jedi was pulled the same day as Yoda, Phasma and Chewy.

Characteristics: playful, loving, cautious, snuggles



MEET MOXIE: Moxie is AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION! Moxie is at least 10 years old and is a pure bred dachshund.  She is in need of a dental & blood.  She’s looking for a sponsor to help us cover her medical costs.  Learn more about sponsoring HERE.  Here’s a little note from Moxie’s foster mom:

“Moxie has been with us since March 3 and she is does answer to her name but also has very select hearing. On the transport up my husband had country music on and she barked until he put 70’s music on and she quieted right down. Let her hear us in the kitchen or if she thinks its supper time, she’s VERY vocal. Dinnertime, she will stay right with you, sitting quietly, but not within us stepping on her, and will just STARE at us until her bowl is on the floor. She licks it sooo clean it looks almost like its been washed however she is a picky eater when it comes to treats. Small slivers of turkey hot dogs or ginger cookies will be quickly gobbled up. She also LOVES very soft blankets in her bed. She will manipulate them until they are just right and then will burrow under them, head and all. Dirty laundry on the floor, she will be in the middle of them. During our spa day, I gave her a bath, blow dried her, nails trimmed etc and she was sooo good, not a peep out of her. She does have dry skin and special attention needs to be given to her ears. She is not a cuddler but will sit on my lap and be petted for 1 or 2 minutes and then she wants down and prefers her paws touching the ground. When we pick her up we are extremely careful of her long gated spine.  She sleeps most of the day and we have her on a schedule for her business outside.  She has very few accidents in the house and I did start out having diapers on her but they were too big and she just walked out of them but she didn’t fuss about having them on. One thing that helped with her going outside is she knows she will get a treat when she comes in and she heads right to her bowl as fast as her little legs will go. She is an extremely sweet girl.”
  • Background:  Moxie was pulled from an overcrowded shelter in Stockton, California in February 2020.  She was at risk of euthanasia.
  • Characteristics:  sweet, independent, foodie, talkative
  • EMAIL US to receive an adoption application for Moxie!



MEET LOBA:  LOBA is AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION! She is also seeking a sponsor to help us cover the costs of her thyroid pills & immune system supplements.  Learn more about our sponsorship program HERE.  Here is a note from Loba’s foster mom:

“Loba is a sweetheart.  She is an empathetic goofball who is very engaged with her people.  She loves to be where her humans are and is content napping at your feet, with her tongue hanging out.  Don’t let her napping ways or age confuse you – she looks forward to her two 20 minute walks each day and has some puppy like spurts of energy where you can really imagine how athletic she must have been in her younger days.

Loba is talkative and will let you know she is unpleased that you stopped petting her with cute little whine.  She doesn’t bark, not even when she is looking out the window at the mailman while her foster brother vocalizes to the neighborhood that there is an intruder.

Loba eats with lightning speed and needs a slow/fun feeder to help her eat more safely. Loba walks well on a leash, and is excited to smell everything and greet everyone. She is good with other dogs big and small, and likes children.  She loves cats and works at winning their affection.

Loba can currently do stairs, but at 50 lbs, this may be an issue for her in the future.   She appears to be part husky, and will run if she gets the chance – so she must have a secure yard and be leashed whenever outside.  Did we mention she’s affectionate?   While we feel this is part of her charm, understand that Loba is a dog that will wake you up when she’s ready to start her day, and who wants to be by your side at all times.  Loba is not food aggressive, but is food motivated and food-sneaky – she will search for left-out food and explore kitchen counters.  Loba has had seizures in the past, but has been seizure-free for some time.  She is currently on a thyroid medication and a immune support supplement.

If you are looking for a pup who will greet you come home, and makes sure to let you know how much she loves you, Loba is your girl.”

  • Background:  Loba was surrendered to our rescue in February 2020.
  • Characteristics:  loyal, energetic, social, talkative
  • EMAIL US for an adoption application!



MEET ROXY:  Aloha! I am FOXY ROXY, an adorable 10-year-old, spayed female Pug-Aussie mix with tons of  hugs and kisses to share. I get along with dogs and cats, kids and adults of all ages. My favorite things to do include greeting you at the door with enough enthusiasm  to make you forget the hardest day and to chase balls with my K9 foster sister.

For the first week in my foster home, I stayed in a kennel for a couple hours at a time when everyone was at work, to make sure the other pets and I got along.  When I first arrived and met my foster sister, I didn’t know how to play fetch.  The only times I bark are when I’m chasing the ball in the backyard and when someone is at the door.

I know sit and stay, and I am getting the hang of “down” most of the time, especially with treats.  I also know how to use the doggy door!

My teeth are in really bad shape, so I do need a dental.  I’m looking for a sponsor to help my rescue organization cover the costs of a dental.  Learn more about Green Heart Rescue’s sponsorship program HERE.
  • Characteristics:  Playful, SMART, loyal, loving
  • Background:  Roxy was surrendered to our rescue in February 2020.
  • EMAIL US for an adoption application for Roxy!


MEET BUSTER:  (STAY TUNED FOR AN UPDATE.  BUSTER WAS RECENTLY PULLED FROM TWIN FALLS SHELTER (March 2020) AND IS STILL BEING ASSESSED).  Buster is seeking a sponsor to help us cover the costs of his thyroid medication and ongoing bloodwork to assess thyroid levels (every six months).  To learn more about our sponsorship program, click HERE.


We’re new to the rescue, and still being vetted. If you just cant wait to meet a special furry friend listed below: email us for an adoption application & a medical status update.